Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Freebie!

I'm pretty excited about the next 3 days of freebies. Each day you will get 1/3 of a complete book. Let me tell you how this came to be.

Becky and I made our beautiful Sweet Baby Girl and Sweet Baby Boy kits in December. Right when we had finished them, a friend of Becky's woke up one morning to find her little 6 month old had passed away in the night- suffocated by her blankets.

In an effort to help her through this time the best Becky could, she reached out to help with the funeral, and then she put together a book of poems for her. Some of these poems are religious, many of them are not. But it has brought her comfort as she keeps her eye on the eternal realm of things.

The freebies you will get from me are the exact same poems as the ones you'll get from Becky. I will be giving away the poems that use our girl kit for the embellishments, and Becky will be giving the poems that use the boy kit to make them. Click here to go to Becky's blog to get her part for the day.

**You are welcome to print these for yourself, a friend or family member, but you may not sell them or use them to make profit in any way, shape or form**

First of all, here is a look at the kits the pages are made from. The kits and coordinating QP's will be just $2.00 through this week and the add ons will be just $1.

Click here or any of the girl images to get the girl kit:

Click here or any of the boy images to get the boy kit:

And, here is your freebie for the day. I didn't make up a separate image for each of the 3 days. But, here is how it works. Today you get pages 1-6. It will be free for 24 hours only! Tomorrow you will get pages 7-12 and Saturday you will get pages 13-18. If you miss one of the parts, they can be purchased separately here.

Click here or the image to get this part. 

Come back in 24 hours to get the next part!


  1. Christi,
    These are beautiful! Thank you to you and Becky for compiling such touching, beautiful poems and creating these pages. Five years ago we lost a baby son at birth due to a serious developmental defect. I've always planned to create a memory book for him. I will use some of your pages in his book.

  2. I can't imagine what Becky's friend has or still is going through. I still to this day check on my son throughout the night and he's 4. I'm glad she has friends and family that love her and will stand by her in this time of need. I thank you for sharing this wonderful freebie.

  3. Thank you very much.I'm so sorry to hear about Becky's friend.